Benefit They're Real 2-in-1 Lipliner/Lipstick | WORTH THE HYPE?

I think it's been quite a while since I was all over a new lipstick launch. These days, the world of makeup is swamped by liquid lipsticks that I barely wear a traditional lipstick these days. However, when this new concept from Benefit came out, I don't think I'd been this excited to place an order in a long time! The They're Real 'Double the Lip' 2-in-1 lipliner/lipstick mash up comes in cute packaging similar to their They're Real mascara, and winds up at the bottom to reveal a thin, slanted lipstick with a darker shade and a lighter shade. The idea is that the darker shade acts as your lipliner, and perfectly blends in the lighter lipstick to get an easy soft ombre lip without the need for extra products!
I got the shade Nude Scandal (obviously!), and you can see the swatch above. As you can see, the difference between the darker shade and lighter shade is barely visible so don't let the idea of having a super dark lip line put you off as that's really not the case. 
What I really love about these lipsticks is they are not super matte (like I'm used to with all the liquid lipsticks!) - they give a soft satin finish. They are nicely pigmented and glide onto the lips pretty easily. The lipliner concept is great for the top lip, as it helps to define the lips and get the shape you want, however, it gets a bit tricky on the bottom lip as I've found myself having to turn the bullet awkwardly to get the lipliner bit to properly line the lips. It is a bit annoying but hasn't put me off using it! You also have to be careful to use both the liner and lipstick evenly, so one side doesn't wear down quicker than the other! The only other thing I'd say is that the colour range isn't fantastic, there are currently only 6 shades, but no doubt Benefit will bring out more in time. I'd say this is a great easy option for those people not wanting to spend money on separate lipliners and lipsticks as I've never found the need to use one with this product! They're also a pretty reasonable £16.50 (for comparison, a MAC lipliner and lipstick would set you back £28) and you can get them from plenty of places - I got mine from ASOS for that extra student discount! 


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