Dessata Mini Hair Detangling Brush | REVIEW

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely people at Hairaisers sent me one of their Dessata Mini Hair Detangling Brushes to try out. First of all, I wish you could see just how cute this looks in real life! It is such a cute size, absolutely perfect to throw in your handbag, but still big enough to get through those tangles without a problem. I think I have certainly put it through it's paces, as I have a lot of hair that gets knotty quite easily.
I've been loving using this to smooth my hair into a ponytail or bun, as the bristles are really good at getting rid of any bumps and making sure you get a sleek finish. The bristles are very sturdy, not flimsy at all, which is great for really getting through tangles. I would say it's not totally pain free to get a big knot out, but it's certainly better than using a traditional hairbrush that you'd be pulling at for hours! 
There are plenty of colours to choose from, although of course I had to go for the Pink and Fuchsia one. You could go for colour clashing with Lime Green and Purple, or have a sleek Silver or Gold one. I especially love that it has a handy case (is that what you'd call it?) so you can pop that on when you're not using it to prevent it clinging to anything in your bag or damaging the bristles when you're storing it. It's great for travelling too, as you don't need to take extra space up with bigger brushes. 
Now, I know what you're thinking - this looks just like a TangleTeezer. So I thought this review wouldn't be complete without a mini comparison. First of all, I don't actually have the mini TangleTeezer, but from what I've seen in shops, this looks slightly bigger and more practical for people like me with the thickest hair ever. I also prefer the shape of this, as it's not as square as the mini TangleTeezer. In terms of comparing it to the normal TangleTeezer, I think it works really well and is certainly a good dupe for them.
Overall, I'd say this is a great buy and would be a fantastic last minute stocking filler for anyone! 

Dessata Mini Hair Detangling Brush, £9.98*


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