Where Have I Been?!

So, as you may have noticed things have been a bit quiet around these parts for the past month or so, and so I thought I would finally explain where I've been!

If you've seen my previous posts, you will know that I recently started university! This has been a long time coming and to be honest, it hasn't been the easiest of months. I began in halls, and absolutely hated it so much I ended up moving back home. Luckily, I can fairly easily travel to and from uni by commuting from home, so this is my situation for the next year. It wasn't something I was ever expecting to happen and, as you can imagine, it's taken a while to readjust to it. I also want to go travelling so badly, and I feel like I want to do too much at the moment! Doesn't help that I'm a constant worrier either, especially when it comes to money!
And so, I knew it was time to get back into blogging - and this time really throw myself into it. I am actually doing a degree in Fashion Buying & Merchandising, and they are encouraging us to take up blogging, so I already have a headstart! It's been a pretty crazy month but I'm really hoping to get back into my blog, starting with a brand new name! My 'Peaches and Cream' name was actually demotivating me as the URL wasn't right etc etc and so after a lot of thought and googling to check it wasn't already taken, welcome Cocoa May! I think it rolls off the tongue quite well and I knew I wanted to incorporate my middle name 'May' in there somewhere. Anyway, I hope you'll all continue to support me on this new journey and hello to any new readers! 
Lots of love, Catherine x


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