Victoria's Secret 'Love Spell' Body Scrub | REVIEW

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted all week but I've been so so busy and had no scheduled post so I've only managed to get one up now! I'll try and schedule some posts over the weekend so I get back into a routine:)
Anyway, onto today's review: the Victoria's Secret 'Love Spell' Body Scrub. I am a big fan of the VS Fragrance line, and 'Love Spell' is definitely my favourite. As they had an offer of '3 for £_' at the Manchester Victoria's Secret, I picked this up. 
When I first tried it, I found it to be very thick and the scrub particles are pretty big. This actually makes it perfect for really exfoliating well, but is definitely not something I'd use everyday as it would just be too abrasive. This also makes the 200ml bottle last longer as you only need to use it every 3/4 days at the most. 
The scent of the 'Love Spell' range is so gorgeous. It's a mix of cherry blossom and peach which smells so lovely and feminine. It also makes it really easy to layer your scents if you use the body spray/shower gel from the range too!

Have you tried any of the VS fragrances?

Catherine x 


  1. This sounds lovely! I do like the love spell range! :)

  2. I bet I'd love it if there was a VS Store anywhere in Germany where I could be able to buy it from ;)


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