The Non-Muji Acrylic Storage

Muji is a brand much raved about in the beauty blogging industry. There's something very appealing about the clear acrylic storage and although I don't own any, I'm sure I will do in the future! However, today I'm going to talk about a great alternative I found in TK Maxx for £8! This acrylic storage includes:
  • 12 square sections that I have stored some of my favourite lipsticks in.
  • A large square section where I have my large cotton pads, hair serum, hand cream and my Baby Lips.
  • 2 rectangular sections, one of which is unused at the moment. But the other section holds my two Simple eye creams.
  • One shallow rectangular section, where I have my Rosehip Oil and hand gel.
I store this on my Ikea dressing table, and it's so convenient as I can just grab my most used items from this unit, rather than leaving them lying around on the table, or rummaging through my drawers to find them! 
For anyone who's interested in the lipsticks, I may do an updated lipstick collection post, as my last one was a good while ago and I've definitely added to it since then! Just let me know.


  1. This is just the perfect size and so convenient for those everyday products and essentials! I always find the best things in TKMaxx so I will have to keep an eye out for some acrylic storage like this. £8 is such a great price too x

    Kathryn | effievanity

    1. Totally agree, it's great for all my essentials! Thanks for your comment x

  2. I need to get one of these for my lipsticks! i love how it looks on top of vanities

  3. This is exactly what I've been looking for! I'm going to have to rummage around to find one :)



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