ASOS Midi Rings

Ever since midi rings came into fashion, I've really wanted to get some but never got round to buying any. However, I found this gorgeous arrow midi rings from ASOS for £5 (I got theme for £4.50 with student discount!) and they went straight into my online basket! I think I got them in 'small' and they're just the right size, as any bigger and I don't think they would sit right. As you can see, they look fab with a milky pink nail polish (this is Essie 'Fiji') and my MK Rose Gold watch. What do you think of midi rings?

Catherine x 


  1. such a lovely idea, i am really tempted to buy some now. not sure if i can order from asos because i have ridiculously small fingers from my age, and will probably have to try them on first!
    I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award, check it out here!
    lots of love
    saida xx


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