Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish | REVIEW

Following my Boots Haul a few weeks ago, I've tried out the new Rimmel Salon Pro nail polishes and I'm so happy to say that they completely live up to the hype! I got the shade 'Cocktail Passion' which is a bright coral pink - I seem to be having a major thing for coral recently! It only took 2 coats to get a completely opaque finish and the thick brush made it so easy to cover the whole nail in one swipe. The picture above was taken a day or two after I painted my nails so you can see how well they stay before any wear on the tips/chipping. I painted them on Wednesday and I only started to see proper chips on Saturday so I think it lasts really well - although don't be fooled by the '10 days' claim as that's definitely not true! 
Other than that though, I really want to try out some of the other colours as the shade range is huge and there are loads of summer colours that would be perfect for my holiday. As they're only £4.49, they're such a good 'budget buy' too! Any recommendations of the nicest shades?
Catherine x


  1. I really want to try these polishes!so glad they live up to the hype!:)

    1. I definitely recommend them! I keep forgetting to buy more of them as the shade range is fab too :)x


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